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The lyrics to this song are so funny.

So I had a full day of clients today and didnt get a single tip.


my feet are killing me..

I did two cut&colours, a perm, a marcel curl, a roller set and highlights with foil since we were out of frosting caps.

I hate processing bleach with foil because It really hard for air to get to it = activation = pretty blonde straks.
when you foil hair, it sticks and smashes it down and air cant get to it = results in yellow mustard colored highlights.


so I had to do it twice.


thats all.
stole this from 

Start Time:: 8:01pm

First grade teacher's name:: Mrs. Lynch
Last word you said:: alright
Last song you sang: I Kissed A Girl
Last thing you laughed at:: Crazy people on my tv
Last time you cried:: about a week ago

What's in your cd player?: mars volta
What color socks are you wearing?: I'm not wearing any
What's under your bed?: a tarp. just an oversized......tarp. *shifty eyes*
What time did you wake up today?: 8:01am

Current hair:: down and long, wild and dark
Current clothes:: skirt and top, sneakers
Current annoyance:: my fringe
Current smell:: coffee and fabric softener
Current longing:: being thinner
Current desktop picture:: nothing - just blue.
Current favorite music artist:: always my favorite: Incubus
Current book:: The Hemingway Reader
Current worry:: tomorrow and what's expected of me
Current hate:: fat
Story behind your username:: I wear them alot.
Current favorite article of clothing:: my black hoodie

Favorite physical feature on a guy?: It's always been their hands.
Line from the last thing you wrote to someone:: kthnxbye
I am happiest when:: I get another email
I feel lonely when:: I can't sleep and theres too much room for my brain to overwork itself.
Favorite authors:: Robert Frost
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? anywhere but here
Famous person you have met:: can I pick a faaavorite?
Do you have any regrets?: no
Sex or love:: love
Favorite coffee:: sweet and light - just like me!
Favorite smell:: October breeze at dusk drowning out the sweet clean smell of fabric softener and Halloween caramels mingled with a man's citrine cologne.
What makes you mad?: the mirror.
Favorite way to waste time:: internet
What is your best quality?: handling grief
Are in currently in love/lust?: Love
What's the craziest thing you have ever done?: I once ate a whole cherry pie in one sitting.
Any bad habits?: talking back
Do you find it hard to trust people?: If you can't trust me I can't trust you.
Last thing you bought yourself:: Green Tea appetite suppressant pills and a new tube of chapstick.
Bath or shower?: sitting in the shower is nice
Favorite season:: autumn
Favorite color:: green
Favorite flavor:: I love orange flavored things.
Favorite time of day:: dusk
Gold or silver?: silver
Any secret crushes?: no secrets.

Do you wear a watch?: I have the time on my cell phone.
Favorite stores:: forever 21, Hot Topic, Books a Million, GNC
How big is your closet?: I couldnt hide a body in there if I tried.
Ever spend more then $200 in a store? yes.

Do your friends know everything about you?: I doubt it - I don't even know everything about me.
What do they tend to be like?: i am bad at making friends.
Can you count on them?: I'm not sure.
Can they count on you?: Most all the time.

book you read:: Goodnight Moon (I was reading it to a bunch of kids during the summer.)
last movie you saw:: 300 - it was on hbo a few minutes ago. love love love it.
movie you saw on the big screen:: Hellboy II (sucked.)
show you watched on tv:: LA Ink
song you heard:: i don't know
thing you had to drink:: coffee
thing you ate:: I had a burger around 12. (yeah im a fat girl.)
time you showered:: this morning
time you smiled:: this afternoon
time you laughed:: same
person you hugged:: i cant remember
person you talked to online:: Dale
person you talked to on the phone:: my sister

Do You?
Smoke?: HA hahahahahaha. Ha.
Do drugs?: no
Drink?: no
Have sex?: no
Sleep with stuffed animals?: Sheldon Grogg (my teddy scare.)
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: not anymore
Play an instrument?: Piano guitar violin ocarina harmonica blahblahblahhhhhh
Believe there is life on other planets?: i don't care
Read the newspaper?: not really
Believe in miracles?: yes
Consider yourself tolerant?: I'm getting pretty intolerant of this thing.
Consider police a friend or foe?: I try not to look at them
Like the taste of alcohol?: July the fourth -  rum and coke.
Believe in astrology?: idk
Believe in magic?: yeah im a dork
Go to church?: yes
Have any secrets?: not really. idk
Have any pets?:6 dogs
Go or plan to attened college?: yes I go. I'm still a freshman, since it goes by years and not semesters.
Talk to strangers?: no
Have any piercings?: two in each ear, monroe, nostril.
Have any tattoos?: two
Hate yourself?: most of the time
Wish on stars?: I wish on those fluffy seed things that float around outside. you catch em.
Like your handwriting?: not really
Believe in witches?: no
Believe in ghosts?:yes
Believe in santa?: hhm
Believe in the easter bunny?: no
Believe in the tooth fairy?: no
Sing in the shower?: no

End Time:: 8:39pm

Aug. 16th, 2008

This girl.......................

I see myself in her.

HAAAA - Tales from the Hood is the funniest damn thing I've ever seen.
Three more days until I'm back in the simulated salon and someone's sitting in my chair waiting for me to make them look fantastic.

all I've been doing today is sitting in the living room watching America's Next Top Model.
Laugh at me if you want,

but Forrest Gump makes me cry every single time.
but i put in on the robert joy community.
those of you who arent members yet, go join.

heres something to convince you.

sometimes I feel like doing this.

Aug. 11th, 2008

I'm extremely uncomfortable right now.